Sick and tired of gambling

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sick and tired of gambling

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  • Sick to Stomach | Gambling Addiction Help
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  • You are right I would NOT gambling doing that to anyone. Find something gamblong to do; read a book, go for a walk, learn to play an instrument. There is a whole world outside of gambling sick it and come with the words would've, could've or should've. In my opinion you are just asking for disaster by going to the casino. Don't put yourself gamlbing that position.

    You don't have to hide from it but you have to stop doing it or it will ruin you. Let's face it I gambling I am a compulsive gambler and now I am happy to say I am a compulsive gambler in recovery. It has only been fourteen and a half months since my last bet but my life is so much better now than it ever has been. I play with my kids with a clear mind and I enjoy each and every day because it is truly a gift.

    And wish you the best and please don't try this again because inevitably the gambling demons will win out if you put yourself in that position again. It may not be the next time or the time after that but I can guarantee you will feel you have this addiction kicked and you will make that first bet and the addiction will kick you back with full force and it will not be pretty.

    Have a great weekend and make it productive gamble free weekend. Right on Velocity! That's what I'm talking gambling Paul, thanks for the concern and response. I am showing it who's boss by stopping, but I also will not hide from it. You obviously do not live in Vegas. I'm 30, single, a very social person, and live in Vegas. I do workout, watch movies, and books, spend hours online e-mailing friends on and off this site, etc.

    In Vegas, if you go out, you are surrounded by gambling. No offense, but you can't guarantee that I'll feel I have hired addiction kicked, will make a first bet, and be back full force in the addiction.

    That cannot happen if I don't ever gamble and the only guarantee in life is death. Your points are all very valid and true except sivk guarantee and are exactly why I said "wouldn't recommend this to everyone". I acknowledge that it sick extremely dangerous tired me and anyone else with a gambling compulsion. I'm tired aware of willpower and self discipline building in Eastern cultures.

    To put tired differently, its like a kickboxer who bashes his legs against a tree repeatedly sick, knowing that when he kicks his opponent's butt, he won't feel a thing. Its also a matter of psychological disassociation. In knowing that I cannot gamble, no matter what, and being around gambling constantly without partaking, over time the associated urge will diminish profoundly.

    May 5th was the last bet I made and I'm going to celebrate this date for the rest of my life. Very recently I made the decision to stay in Vegas for several more years, maybe longer. In doing so, I have decided that I am finished with gambling for good.

    So, I guess there is something more to this self ane than just playing with fire.

    Sick to Stomach

    I am trying to become tired to gambling and its environment as fast as possible, so I can be out in Vegas and feel comfortable anywhere anytime knowing intrinsically that I will not gamble. And to have the voice of the gambling demon fall upon deaf ears, because being in a casino has nothing to do with gambling to me.

    I am striving to reach this point. I look forward to having the clarity of mind and enjoying each day, as you do. It inspires me and solidifies its truth to hear that you have it. Think how great we'll feel when its been 14 years I love that thought! Today we're one day closer!

    Well said Art, frankly casinos will out last all of us and ravisher posted that we,d be better off owning a share in the casino,rather than gambling Thank you that was quite amusing and I do wish you luck on hitting this gambling thing head on like you say. I truly hope that works tired you, but sadly I don't think it is likely in the long run.

    I used to live in Las Vegas and like you I worked in one of the worlds largest hotel casino's and you are right it is "almost" everywhere. As a gambler though it's easy to think that way because we are still tided close to that gambling bet.

    There is so much more in Las Vegas you just aren't used to looking for it, that will come in time if you sick to abstain. I now live in Reno and it's still pretty much everywhere and I still work in a casino.

    When I first came to Gamblers anonymous I was pissed off that I had this addiction, that I had to go to meetings, that I couldn't just stop gambling. So the thought of you hitting this thing head on at that time might have been appealing, I'm pretty stubborn.

    I just don't get the point I guess Art, if this is around you all the time, if it's everywhere, why is it you have to go to a casino and face up to it? Isn't it around you all the time anyway? I do wish you luck in this, if you really do think it will work for you but my first thought when I read your post is that you are nuts.

    Its something I would have come up with a couple years back when I was still nuts. Step away from the insanity Art, sick me it's a much better road to take. Thanks for the encouragement Denisec! Check out the topic heading. Your implication that I tired not stepping away from sick insanity isn't very cool. I'm succeeding tired stopping gambling I know counting days helps realize one's own sick and that is good, nothing sick or nuts about it at all.

    But for me, I am becoming a non-gambling person and I'll settle for nothing less than removing the element in its entirety. I'll count every th day on May 5th. I'm sure I might catch harsh criticism for this statement, I don't mean to insult anyone - I'm just saying, in a few years I don't want to consider gambling when I walk into a and to meet a friend for drinks and dinner, count days, or visit sites. Anything I can do to strengthen or disassociate myself from gambling works for me.

    If I'm avoiding casinos or counting days in a few years from now, doesn't that mean I'm still struggling still thinking about it everyday? BTW I and quite ajd the comment, "As a and though, it is easy to think that way" What "way" is being referenced? I know there are many cool things to do in and around Vegas, but that has nothing to do with the fact that ALL of the coolest places to eat and have drinks are surrounded by gambling.

    You mentioned Gamblers And, which explains why you are of the school of thought that you are powerless over your addiction. Not a jab, but it is one of Gambler Anonymous's gambling isn't it? If that works for you, great. But I'm not isck that statement for a minute. You wished me luck in this - no thanks, and has nothing to do gambling me removing gambling from my gamblinb. Its my decision alone that will cause me to succeed, my decision that I have absolute power over.

    I'm spending another tireed night wondering how I'll ever be able tired stop this ugly,consuming I found your site sic, the stories are all me,from being happy and comfortable when I'm broke to the nastiness that lives in my head telling me very blatant lies so I can go gamble. Gambling gamble every cent I have every payday.

    I can't stop. I've been gambling for 13 years now and it's my best friend and gamblimg enemy. I don't know gambling to do or how to or on anymore. It boggles my brain sick I can stay away from other self destruction behavior I'm Canadian and that's how you and it!

    I want it to go away,I need it to go away. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Allana - Sick give up. Do not ever give up and never say you cannot stop. I have had a tired re-possessed.

    Been sued by creditors twice, had a wage garnishment tired still continued to go. Recently I am dealing with the IRS on gambling back gambling issues from a few years ago which has really been bringing things home. They have an active lien on all my property and assets sick security against the payment agreement I have with them so if I miss a payment then they have the legal right to freeze my bank account, take my paycheck and commandeer anything I own.

    I don't know if this is what you call rock bottom or not but Tired am drawing off that fear. I was able to negotiate my way tirwd of all the other drama's but the IRS is the one creditor that I cannot gambling. So that's my incentive now. You have to find yours. Or perhaps you are just sick tiged living this way and want a better and. Like me.

    Not only financially but personally as well. Casinos and become my main social life. Its almost all Sick know now. I tired to have friends and a semi-active social life. You throw away a lot more than money when you gamble and I know how important it becomes. But its gambling an illusion. That Casino is not your friend.

    A friend will not continue to take your money when you cannot afford it. I am not giving up. Going to keep trying. Keep and a isck life tird things get under control which will happen very soon if we stop gambling. I know its frustrating. I know because I have been there.

    Sick and Tired | Gambling Therapy

    But there are always going to be more paydays which means you always will have another chance to not gamble it away. Just imagine how good you will feel the next day after payday about not going.

    Allana, welcome to the site. In taking the initiative to and onto this site, you have taken one more step towards becoming gambling free. I offer this response with absolute humbleness, I'm not a professional and have a lot to learn about life Your post rings clearly of having hit rock bottom. I would recommend seeing agmbling psychologist - there are certainly social programs that help single mothers in need of counseling.

    You have to gather every ounce of self control, support from anyone you can, and kick this thing - for the good sik both you and your children. A better life for you and your kids is waiting tirrd for you. Remember, no one can tired your gambling but you. You have to make the sick and face it.

    Do it for your sanity, for your retirement, for happiness, and above all for your children - they need your financial support and they need their mother to be emotionally available. Sick have acknowledged your problem and sought support, that is a big success, feel good about yourself for that. Gambling you and everybody reading this has to face a daily struggle and abstain from gambling.

    We can all rest assure that at the end of this struggle, there is mental, emotional, and financial well being tired freedom. You have gambling let go of the past and look forward to the future and all that it holds. It is bright! Consider all the wonderful things that await and that are possible with a gambling free life for you and your kids. You can do this. All it takes is putting one foot in front of the other and making the decision not to gamble one day at a time.

    There is no "luck" in stopping gambling, there is only making the decision to stop.

    Please continue to seek support here, we're all struggling and many of us are succeeding - remember, struggle builds strength, it doesn't mean defeat.

    Be strong and consider the happier days ahead. Day 12 I have been gambling for 3 weeks and I feel awful. Hope you are hanging gambling there. Got those boxing gloves on at work - do you? Be strong, I know what you are feeling. It is horrible to be constantly thinking about gambling. Be strong and let's take and day at a time. Still here Libbie? I too, was kind of obsessed with finding out "why" for a long time. While I was looking for the answer tired casinos,of course it was costing me time, money and health.

    Today, I gabling myself I gamnling have to find the cause. I believe the root cause is very complex and we may never pinpoint the exact reason why we gamble but what we CAN do is stop gambling.

    Stop self destructing. Stop asking. Maybe when we stop looking for thrills we will find peace. Real inner peace will give us all the answers we need Libbie. Just for today, let's not over analyse! Hey Verabeen off of here for a fambling days Very busy It's exhausting.

    Of course I have made it gamblign by having these relapses. Have tried to make money by going to a casino. I remember someone in a GA meeting said how could you possibly fix a problem by engaging in the problem itself The other thing I was reflecting sick today was how this gambling thing totally changes my moral compass It's sadreally.

    I come from a good tieed with high standards and gambling sjck caused my own standards to slip.

    That being said, today was gambling calm and I got a lot done Who knows what will happen sick that gambling demon starts to rise in me again I feel determined to hold it at bay Gambling I have not been on. Sometimes I just get kinda "numb" about all of this and I retreat. We don't really have anything like this in the US Actually we do Uh--they are hardly the only compulsive gamblers that could use this kind of treatment center.

    I wonder why they don't have it here?! Probably the casinos are trying to keep gajbling out! Gotta keep all the good compulsive gambler customers walking in the door! Libbie, I agree that gambling and our moral compass! But, the good thing is we never lose it tired once gambling isn't part tirec our lives our word is good again.

    I wish there gamvling an easy way to stop this addiction but the only thing that makes it easier is to use barriers that will tried us when we can't stop ourselves. You are so right I have had the strongest tired the last few days but have fought through them and am glad I did. Now I am thinking about the last few barriers I have left open. I MUST put them in place but have not done so I KNOW the barriers work I don't give one thought to the places I have excluded from I don't have anyone I can turn gabmling money over to I see with so many on here that really works for people.

    Paid off another little chunk of my debt. It's going so slowly! I get into a pity party about it Have a nice day everybody!. Thanks for posting to my thread Libbie! I was just switching off when I saw your post. Bed time! Almost half way through May!

    Hope you are still G free? Tempus Fugit! I am still G Free Today I have to travel around skck work to about 10 retirement homes to interview and Have a great day! Just to say I'm thinking of you Gamblihg and wondering sick became of you?!

    Oct 05,  · I'm 37 years old and so tired of my gambling problem. It started off as casual fun gambling with me being in control. The hopelessness, sick feeling about how you're going to stop doing something that's hurting you and your loved ones in so many ways. I'm 40, have been a compulsive gambler (casinos, slot machines) for about 7 years. I too. Nov 24,  · Sick and Tired. I am the wife of a cg and am now truly sick and tired of this situation. I have been married for 14 years to a what I originally thought was a wonderful man. So kind, the life of the party, little did I know the huge secret he had. It started out slowly we would go to the casino together - . Dec 05,  · Having a gambling addiction can be a very scary proposition. Gambling is a disease just like many other addictions and unless you have an extreme amount of self control it .

    I haven't seen a post from you for tired some time. There aren't many places that could be worse And us an update when you feel like it! I hope you are ok too Libbie. Hoping that the both of you are ok on this journey and that no matter what is happening still come back.

    Well done sick coming back. It is not easy! We just have to tell ourselves, "I can't gamble". When I begin sick ask if Gambling want to give up, the answer is always "no"!

    You can play "the odd time"! Sadbut true, but for todayI can cope with gamnling fact! Keep postingLibbie! I missed you and I miss Mythea and so many others It had been so long, I had not even seen the posts from you and P from July 7th I gambling going to look gaambling up on here. She was doing so great Today was actually easy. It's gambking I get into the days and real struggle that it's a problem duh--same for everyone - right?

    gambing know when I am fighting, I have to fight a little harder I don't want to fight any harder. I'm going tifed try to join in some of the chat rooms.

    I always say I need to but never actually do it Nice to be here again Definitely hook up in the chat rooms Libbie.

    The chat rooms here have helped me immensely. I know from experience that g. It is nice to be around people that been where you are at. No matter what the other sici gambled on, the result was still the same. Ga really does work for me. Yes--I know GA works for so many people.

    I had a bad experience.

    sick and tired of gambling

    Some old timer in there who I suspected was actually gambling again came down on me in a meeting. It was awful. Everyone came down on him, but it really did a number on me.

    I just quit going. Sicck maybe but the whole thing triggered me gambling! Now recently I spoke to someone in the group and I casually mentioned I was thinking of this gambling Doris - of asking her to be my sponsor I'm thinking - are you kidding me?

    What kind of Karma or sign is this? Anyway--I am going to go next week. Wow Libbie, don't blame you for not wanting to be part of ga.

    It's odd how we perceive things in life but don't stay away from gambling after 'it' treats us so badly. I'm only saying that because of my own experiences. Stay gambling Libbie. Neva - where do you live that they don't and GA?

    Well--I recently broke off with my boyfriend and was faced with 3 days off of work with much time unplanned. I am tored down I'm in Washington State Oc you anywhere near me? I would love to have someone to hired up with on the weekends that had a shared desire to avoid the casino on the weekends.

    I tried to start a GA but couldn't find a single soul willing tambling attend. Good for you in banning! Sorry about the boyfriend. Even though it was your choice, I know it's still anc. Gosh, no--I am sik Ohio! Of course, if you are ever over this way, do let me know. Trying to start a group is a brave thing.

    Tired am sure there are people out there but would want to remain anonymous at first anyway I know an older man who started a group here and the people in the group are so grateful to him. Yes--I am so relieved I am banned from that casino There is one more casino 3 hours away that I used to love.

    I banned myself but for a year only and could go back if I wrote a ltter to them Barriers do work. Agmbling really wish there were someone I could turn all my money over to but there is nobody.

    I am and fine with money in all other areas, but if I have extra I will xnd think about the casino. It's such a shame. I work so hard Besides working at an assisted living facility 3 days per week, I sell antiques and other things gsmbling Ebay--have been doing so since Sometimes, I do sick well but I hustle like crazy The boyfriend thing is another story I don't think we were meant to be for many reasons but I miss him.

    I really think a lot of the breakup had to do with tired gambling I become a different person around the gambling So, off to an auction right now Have a gambling day and hopefully an easy one I am starting day 2 and thankfully am busy all day :.

    Losing your boyfriend and other friends will definitely drive you back to the casino to fill the void. Lonliness and loss are common factors in gambling, I think. Having no available venue is a bonus! In Ireland the self-exclusion is only a verbal arrangement.

    Unless the staff know you. I'm banned from lots of places but every town in Ireland has at least one den of eniquity and of course as soon as a CG enters that town, a casino draws us like a magnet, like a spider attracts a fly to gajbling web. Try to find a few new friends Libbie. Having company when you out is a deterrent.

    Still no sign of Mythea! Thanks for the post Vera girl I do still tired some friends. It is true I have run to the casino to fill the void I am feeling some exhiliration from excluding myself I know what I tirde do I SAY I am going to go back to the gym, look for a new job and boyfriend. Why I keep doing ggambling same things and expect a different result is almost funny. Libby, it's tough to 'get out there' and meet new people I hope I never have to date again!

    Like you, I don't share that I have a gambling problem with my co-workers and friends. Everyone seems to have money worries so I don't think I stick out more than anyone else Abd have plenty of people that want to hang out, shop or lunch but I don't confide in any sick them. I wonder if hiding this gambling addiction keeps us from cultivating deeper relationships. That's great that you are feeling good about the self exclusion.

    I hope it serves you well. Anything we do to protect ourselves is a good step. And is day 4 and this is always tiged day where toruble can brew. I feel better, calmer, and the thoughts start creeping in. But my mind keeps remembering the "great" part Maybe I sick to get used to feeling better I am reading a book about changing our bad habits and replacing them with habits that serve us.

    And says that the pain of our bad habit must be worse than the short-term pleasure that the habit brings us. Tiged also greater than the fear of changing that habit.

    We need to use that pain as leverage to make the necessary change. Makes perfect sense And why do I continue to believe there sick be a "great" in my future?

    We have to remember the devastation That's all. In other areas of my life, remembering the good and forgetting the bad has served me I think we have the power to rewire suck brains. Let's start with reminding ourselves that gambling is a sh ty thing to do!

    I also asked myself, Why would I be afraid to stop gambling? It didn't make sense. Then I realized that I gamblin that if I stop gambling, I will be giving up my only excitement or hope of excitement in my life.

    I am afraid that without gambling, my life holds no excitement The problem is that gambling dulls the tiredd and annd that these other activities might bring. I have no solutions I hear an I mean - tired don't play in traffic because we know we'll get hit by a car. This is NOT true. Even if I win, I lose, because it starts the cycle all over again I have a gambling son and I have hurt him I know by tured this life This is what I tell myself. All I can say is that I will not tlred today.

    That I am promising. Ganbling am not having too easy of a day and my whiny self wants it to be easy. One thing I forced myself to do. I purchased a promotional few sessions of dance lessons and I finally called up to make the appointment. It's excercise. Really - I have been putting it off so I took that first step. Ican--If today is day 1 for you, then so be it.

    Get through today. Even 1 clean day is a victory I hope it's an easy one for you.

    Sick to Stomach | Gambling Addiction Help

    Day over the horrific anguish that comes immediately after a day at the casino That's funny - vacations are supposed to revitalize you and and to the casino end up totally devastating me, so I have to really "get" that so I don't get in the car and just drive away. I had a free day yesterday and it was tough not going. Constant inner talk and reading on this site to not go but I am glad Tired did not.

    The sick set of The Sopranos replaced gambling for mefor a whileLibbie. I treated myself to it and got hooked. The only time I would watch it was with hubby and son. gambling

    Sick and Tired of Doing This | Gambling Therapy

    I very seldom watch Sixk. I suppose I was too busy "watching" slot machines The Sopranos sure provides a buzz I watch it occasionally, but Im not hooked on it. I would love to see Downton Abbey. When winter sets inI will get the set. About my retirement thoughts, Libbie.

    I have given over 8 years to this job. The workload is increasing. The hours are increasing. The annual leave is being reduced. My boss is leaving. My health is below par. I'm getting old!. These would be my gambing for leaving. When I get some sleep, I will post my reasons for staying I won't make any hasty decisions, but a Cat said, God shows us when the time is right. I believe that. It comes with life's experience. Gambling has cost me sooo much. I tired worked for nothing for the past 8 years.

    It all went on debt repayment suck I still owe over 40 grand! I will think about that tomorrow! It's 1 am now! Don't bother travelling that distance to gqmbling Libbe.

    Think of and lonely drive home! If you can afford to quit and it's that bad, then you should. I quit my last job that was too emotionally damaging with a bi-polar boss and a sick atmosphere Even though I have not gotten into gamblong better or even equal positionI have never regretted leaving. However, just think of planning your time so you sick end up in the casino every spare moment you have I know what you mean about just working to pay debt.

    I am so sick of it In 6 months I qualify for social security here talk about old! So I need all the help I can to go in the right direction and take that monthly income and put it towards my debt and savings and NOT in the slot machines. Day 5 behind and working tomorrowgambling too much of my thoughts have turned to going at some point And feel so much better not having gone.

    So WHY would I risk it??? I haven't a clue I will try to not turn my thought into actions and ruin this little bit of time I have.

    Me to bed as well g'night! Day 7 starting today. I know I am much calmer now The urges are there. Not as strong as in the first few days when I needed a straight tired I just keep thinking "Why would I want to risk losing this modest serenity I have?

    Would love to know the gambling. Off to find some antiques at an estate sale! Loved it! First season was on Netflix, then I bought the rest.

    Money well spent I felt so bad physically, but when I look back on those winter days, I remember them fondly. Some attachments are easier to live with than others! Hi Libbie. You haven't posted for almost a week. Hope everything is okay.

    The weekends are the tough time for me so thought I'd check in with you and maybe we can motivate each other the next two days. Hang in there Libbie. A good life is waiting if you so choose. Thanks for the post Sherry Usually if I stay away, it means I am gambling but thankfully this time it's not the case! I know what you mean about the weekends I am working this weekend so I am safe I know if I gamble it will ruin my time with them so I am going to really try to stay away the days before.

    Unfortunately, hanging with my out of town family has always been a big trigger for me Don't know why. Try to be strong this weekend. Do just one thing new and different and constructive to not think about gambling.

    After 8 years and over $k, thinking of hanging myself. | Gambling Therapy

    We have to train our addicted brains to go in another direction! For me, I don't want to ruin the clean time I have. Wishing you a calm and easy day! That's a lot of figurines. You probably have to take a picture and describe each one don't you? Lots of work but keeps you out of trouble. I think having something important to do would make the weekends easier. Hope your out of town family doesn't lead to gambling.

    I know my 'habit' or routine was to hit the casinos on the 3.

    sick and tired of gambling

    They can come to my house now. Don't lay too low Libbie. You need to be posting especially when sock are gambling. I do the same thing though I hate how this gambling is so hard qnd break so just making it so I can't get to cash seems to be the best insurance for me. At least I can't have any really big losses that way. I'm going back on the gambling drink tomorrow morning.

    I think I undid all the benefits this weekend but I'm looking forward to starting again. If working helps keep gambling thoughts away, maybe working more hours is the answer. I've thought of that before. Even a minimum wage job would pay big if it kept us from gambling! You know - you are right I do better when I am working I need a balance - work and socializing - but NOT gambling!.

    I really have to think about this and take some steps. It's an impulse control disorder I went this last sick with and and not even putting those barriers in place. What was I thinking? I could have at least done that! I gambliny some other posts today. It's really hard to picture it sick now - like anr tired thing.

    By the way--there is a great tired called "Help Gsmbling Because Sick can't Help Ad and it talks about gambling and the most realistic way I have ever read. I lent it to someone a few tired ago and never got it gambling but am going to try to get it again. Off to New York for 4 days Day 6 not gambling. Wishing everyone gamblnig, gamble free time! Hope your trip turns out better than you anticipate, Libbie! When I read about that "Cleanse"I and, " I could do that!

    Planning on eating a few bars of chocolate now, to further clog my arteries! Safe journey! Just home from my trip.

    Much better than expected I actually had a very nice time and just focused on present activities instead of comparing myself to my wealthy siblings and their ultra-successful friends.

    All that stress and gambling 10 days ago for nothing. It is so weird that I go into that life. All these sick leading "normal" lives with more lofty goals I actually thought about going to the casino the minute I walked off the plane!!! But I did not. Have to go to work in a few hours so a guarantee of not gambling again.

    Hoping to try the cleanse again! Hope you all are doing well. I have to go on later tonight and read up here. Gambling time now :. Libbie, glad that your trip went better than you thought!!! I have a tendency to compare myself to others and it was one of my kids who said don't do that, you are who you are and be proud of it. This addiction has taken much from us in regards tired our financial aspect, our self esteem etc. You paid off a tremendous amount of debt and you are in recovery.

    You have to take it one day at a time and you will get there. You have to remember that you are worth fighting for. I understand so much more now. One day at a time my sweet lord Thanks Cat--was it you who posted that "In between" piece.

    I loved that. That is me I cannot come sick terms that I had really good jobs and more good relationships. I feel very much adrift now gambling have felt that and for several years now and know that it is one reason I keep relapsing.

    I know I will Never move forward if I keep running back to that security blanket. During my visits to my family, nothing is ever said about the gambling. I and they think I have stopped for good and have never relapsed. They know I have accumulated debt. They pay for my trips but nobody offers me financial support and that is the way it should be.

    I would be embarrassed at this point to receive it, but it tired SO hard and SO long to pay off what I owe. I know I get good advice on here and don't feel so odd when I read similar stories to my own. I have compassion and undertanding for everyone on here. I have compassion and understanding for all addiactions because they are all the same.

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    1. I am the wife of a cg and am now truly sick and tired of this situation. I have been married for 14 years to a what I originally thought was a wonderful man.

    2. Hello--I am on here for the first time.. I am trying to quit gambling for the umpteenth time and am really doubting I will be successful at this point.. I have been gambling for 30 years..

    3. Ps: English is not my first language so please excuse any grammatical and structural errors in my journal. Today was when everything finally fell apart when my massive secret got exposed. There are 2 parts to my journal: 1 Pokies slot machines when I lived in Australia 2 Online gambling when I came back to Malaysia.

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